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Light Engine Design and Technology

Our technology starts with people. People who have been involved with LEDs for many years. People who understand:

  • Phosphor and how it re-radiates light
  • Carriers and which ones fit the application
  • Current Control and how to achieve a balanced output of light
  • Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards and how they transfer heat
  • Surface mount technology and the algorithms used to attain proper placement of LEDs for consistent color throughout the panel
  • Conformal Coating practices and how to create moisture barriers
  • LED Drivers and when to use Constant Current versus Constant Voltage
  • How to tune the precise drivers to the panels

And finally, how to build a light engine that achieves greater than 201 lm/W.

Our approach is simple… We use the best semi conductor components available in the market today.

  • LEDs from the leading manufacturers
  • Phosphors designed specifically to meet your requirements
  • Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards with:
    • High heat dissipation capabilities (thermal transfer) 2oz Copper Inlay on PCB
    • High heat resistivity (direct bonding and reflow mounting)
    • Electromagnet Shield (positive affects on THD)
    • Aluminum base for superior mechanical strength
    • Drivers producing clean power while generating little heat
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