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LED Lights Made in USA

Founded in 1989, EnviroLux is a true Made in USA, Women Owned Small Business LED manufacturer, that is an industry leader that provides years of tremendous expertise to our customers. Unlike newly formed companies trying to jump on the LED bandwagon due to energy rebate stimulus, our expertise in lighting research and development, combined with our manufacturing capabilities, spans over 30 years. We can provide your company with the best possible LED lighting solution for your commercial lighting applications, which will far exceed your expectations, when compared to 99 percent of the rest of the lighting industry selling LED lighting products who simply redistribute low quality lighting products from China.

As one of the the only US-based manufacturers of commercial LED lighting products, we produce our industry leading high efficacy LED light engines under our own roof. Our vertical integration and Made in USA quality control will provide your company with an unparalleled LED lighting experience.

Expert Knowledge & Custom-Designed Systems

We work directly with ESCO management companies to determine the optimal LED lighting solutions for their industrial and commercial customers, and we know how to produce the best LED lighting solutions per application vs. inferior, one size fits all, unreliable imported products sourced by most of the lighting industry. After studying each lighting application carefully, our commercial LED lighting solutions are precisely designed and manufactured at our facility in Washington State.

Rapid Production and Order Turn-Around Times

Most orders are built and shipped in just 24-48 hours because we produce our lighting products in the USA. Once your application requirements are determined, we don’t need to send the specs or order product from China like other LED lighting providers. Our team of professional assembly workers have all they need located in our facilities to get your LED lighting products built and out the door – fast. No other manufacturer is as responsive, or trusted: We fully back our LED lighting products and honor all product warranties (though our LED lighting products are so reliable that you’re likely to never need a warranty claim).

America’s Premiere LED Experts

Envirolux serves commercial and industrial customers of every size, industry, facility type, and lighting needs – across the U.S. and beyond. Our products, service, and expertise have been trusted by companies that include NASA, Lockheed Martin, Budweiser, McDonalds, ConAgra, Tyson Foods, and multiple other entities. Our Made in USA LED products operate more efficiently and longer because they are custom-designed for every type of use and environment, from standard commercial, food industry applications, hazardous location, security, special application design and build, or even Hawaii’s mountain-top observatories.

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