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LED Efficiency & ROI

Superior ROI on Your Investment

EnviroLux knows that quality components, highly efficient LED’s, and advanced controls gives our partners far higher long-term ROI on their systems compared to cheap, poorly designed, and badly configured systems that often fail in just 1/3 of the time. And our high-quality products don’t lose brilliance over time, even as they last years longer.

Envirolux systems last up to 10 years-plus and maintain their full luminosity throughout the life of the system, whereas poorly sourced Chinese products fail after just 2-3 years on average. This completely negates most of a company’s ROI on their investment, plus the wasted material and chemicals going into the landfill aside and significant (and ongoing!) maintenance hours lost.

Obviously, LED’s that put out optimum light means fewer are needed and less energy, too. It’s all about knowing how to assemble the right components that provide the underlying “engine” that powers the LED itself. Our EnviroLux expertise and guarantees on performance mean that over time your energy savings will be tremendous, plus the value and convenience factor for facility managers with our latest controls and remote access technology.

Better brightness, reliability, longevity and especially energy efficiency are just a few of the tangible ROI advantages, but also extend to include maintenance expenses, promoting eco-friendly business practices, maintenance savings and improved safety (due to brighter and more reliable lighting) for employees. Learn more here.