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EnviroLux High Lumen Multi Spectrum LED Grow Light - 600 Watts - 114,000 Lumens

Accessories sold separately.

Let our technology do all the heavy lifting. Save money, space and time by combining veg and bloom rooms. Our patented grow technology combines a unique multi-spectrum approach to adjusting peak intensity, providing a perfect adjustable PPFD and DLI for your crops. Eliminate timers, relays and high power wiring with fully integrated cloud based controls.

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  • Wattage: 600

    Lumens Per Watt: 192

    Total Efficacy: 114000

    Color Temp:

  • • >1000 Micromole average over standard 4x4 grid.

    • Three spectrum tuning with UVB as the focus option.

    • Natural light, easy to work under with great color rendering.

    • Passive cooling with active options.

    • Upgradable, interchangeable accessory board adds spectral peaks at specific intervals.

    • Circadian rhythm/Sunrise/Sunset/Lunar cycles.

    • Grow light recipes for easy duplication.

    • Accessory capability for UV Stress and Far Red Kicker.

    • Full Wireless Capability.

    • Approved by DLC, CSA, FCC, RoHS.

    • Lower HVAC Costs.

    • No need to Re-lamp.

    • Reduced overall energy consumption.

    • 3 year warranty.