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EnviroLux Network DC Fixture Sensor & Adapter 3.5mm Audio Plug-in

Accessories sold separately.

EES-EFS106 - Network PIR & Daylight Harvesting Sensor

EES-WPPA 102- Fixture Adapter

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  • EES-EFS106 - Network PIR & Daylight Harvesting Sensor

    Network Technology for Bluetooth' enabled iOS or Android smartphone

    PIR Occupancy Sensor: Support setting delay time and dimming level for a group of sensors through APP, support unique sensor linkage reaction.

    Daylight Harvesting/ Photocell Threshold: Ambient daylight sensor allows for continuous dimming with natural light or photocell threshold, wireless calibration available.

    Flexible Grouping and Zoning: Wirelessly group luminaires to act in sync with each other.

    Wireless Commissioning: Convenient commission via smartphone or wireless wall switch,


    Fixture Integrated: The node/sensor is fixture-integrated, allow for faster

    installation and lower cost for luminare manufacturers.

    Scene Control: Pre-set various color and brightness for individual or group of luminaires under different scene buttons, arouse all settings with one button.

    Scheduling: Schedule various scene in different time, repeat weekly.

    QR Code for Admin / Guest Control Authority: The system will automatically generate Ad min and Guest QR codes for each zone, by scanning the QR code, a second phone will copy all settings.

    EES-WPPA 102- Fixture Adapter

    Protocol Technology for Bluetooth" enabled iOS or Android smartphone

    Linkable with EES-EFS106 Use with fixture where sensor is not needed, while linkage is requested.